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Must-have Haitian food products to enjoy locally.

Discover the true essence of Caribbean cuisine with our range of products.

Pumpkin for sale Montreal

Authentic Haitian products in Montreal

Import Transatlantique specializes in distributing authentic Haitian products from Montreal.

The Perfect Place To Stock Up On Authentic Haitian Products

Our company specializes in importing food products and offers a diverse range of authentic Haitian food items. We are well-known for selling exotic fruits and vegetables from Haiti and other Caribbean countries.

Our selection includes various types of bananas, mangoes, avocados, pumpkins, and other tropical treasures.

In addition, we provide a wide range of black mushrooms and spices to enhance the authenticity of your dishes. To add a Caribbean twist to your cooking, explore our products.

Exotic fruits and vegetables for sale Montreal

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We provide an extensive range of exotic food products to
meet the culinary needs of people who are far from their homeland.

Our Products

The best Haitian products in Montreal to enhance your dishes.

Exotic fruits and vegetables for sale Montreal
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Why Choose Us

Authentic Products

We offer a wide selection of products from Haiti and the Caribbean.

Haitian Flavours

We specialize in Haitian cuisine products like joumou, cocoa, and castor oil.

Organic Commitment

We ensure that all of our products are grown using organic methods, which guarantees their freshness and quality.

Patriotic Passion

Our company was founded with the patriotic goal of bringing the unique flavors of Haiti to those who are far from their homeland.

Fresh, Top-quality Haitian Food Products In Montreal

Our business is founded on the values of family and community. We specialize in importing exotic products that make daily life easier for Haitians living in Montreal and other cities.

Our commitment is to provide you with high-quality food products and to achieve this; we take great care to source directly from Haitian producers.

In addition to fruits and vegetables, we also sell Haitian cocoa, which is highly appreciated for its fruity and aromatic taste. We also offer Haitian castor oil, which is produced using a traditional manufacturing process.

Make our company your source for organic products of Haitian origin

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