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Castor oil for sale in Montreal

Get high-quality Haitian castor oil for your hair and skin from Import Transatlantique in Montreal.
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Haitian Castor Oil: Beauty And Tradition

Haitian castor oil is a natural ancestral product that is widely used in various beauty care products. It is made from cold-pressed castor seeds and does not contain any additives.

In addition to castor oil, we offer a complete range of hair care products. We also specialize in selling exotic products, mainly fruits and vegetables of Caribbean origin.

You can count on us to provide pumpkin, black mushrooms, and other ingredients you need to prepare your Haitian dishes. Choose our store and experience the quality of our products.

Choose our handcrafted castor oil from Haiti

Castor oil for sale Montreal
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Castor Oil And Exotic Products' Distributor In Montreal

Castor oil has been used for centuries for both medicinal and cosmetic purposes. It not only helps prevent hair loss but also showcases the richness and diversity of Haitian culture.

Visit us at our Montreal store to learn more about our range of exotic products. While you're here, don't forget to try our delicious chocolates made with authentic Haitian cocoa and fruit flavours.

We also offer a wide selection of pumpkins, perfect for preparing an authentic Haitian soup.

Buy castor oil and other cosmetics at the best prices from us

Buy castor oil Montreal