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Haitian cocoa for sale in Montreal

Explore our selection of uniquely flavored handmade chocolates made with rich Haitian cocoa.
Import Transatlantique warmly welcomes you to Montreal.

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Quality Haitian Cocoa For Authentic Chocolate

Haitian cocoa is highly valued for its fruity aroma, robust character, and intricate flavours. The cacao trees grown on volcanic soils in Haiti yield top-quality cocoa beans.

Choose our company to purchase chocolate and other products made from this exceptional cocoa. You'll discover an endless assortment of authentic Haitian products at our address.

We are a must-visit destination for those seeking a vast selection of fruits and vegetables. Don't forget to peruse our shelves for the ingredients to make your own Haitian-style pumpkin soup.

Discover our selection of Haitian cocoa-based delicacies in Montreal

Haitian cocoa for sale Montreal
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Haitian Cocoa And Other Exotic Products For Sale In Montreal

Our handmade chocolate and other cocoa products are of the highest quality and freshness, and we guarantee it.

We import unique organic products like black mushrooms, sweet peas, limes, and more to satisfy our customers in Montreal and the surrounding areas.

As a distributor of authentic Haitian products, our activities continue to expand. One of our specialties is castor oil, which we offer in high quality to care for your hair or skin.

Enjoy our chocolates and other products made from Haitian cocoa

buy Haitian cocoa Montreal